Latest News
  • AOAC Europe –NMKL/NordVal Symposium in Copenhagen 7-8 May 2012.
  • Mals selected as a Rising Star by SALSS 2011


Our areas of concern:

A. Concrete and Concrete Products –
* Site quality monitoring of concrete pouring
* Compression and flexural testing of concrete
* Strength testing of concrete products
* Trial mixes and designs

B. Soils / Earthworks –
* Insitu testing by NDG
* Sampling & soil properties testing
* Soil classification for site preparation

* Quality properties testing for concrete and concrete products
* Abrasion properties testing
* Soundness properties testing

D. Asphalt –
* Field monitoring of asphalt paving
* Quality testing of asphalt paving mixtures
*Trial mixes and designs
*Sampling & rate of spray monitoring

E. Water –
* Physical & Chemical properties testing for construction purposes